How to Apply Any Chrome Extensions on Android!!

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I’ll going to show you how to Apply for Any Google Chrome extensions on your Android and the process is very simple there’s no need for root ADB programming or any weird technical skills.

Kiwi browser in the Play Store is the app that lets you run Chrome extensions. They just released an update supporting this.

Now I know what you’re thinking I have to use a random third-party browser just to use this feature I’m just going to stick with Google Chrome even though it doesn’t support

Chrome extensions because it’s still the best Android browser out there.

Well, I’ll just hold your horses, everybody, because Kiwi browser is chromium based. So, it almost looks identical to Google Chrome.

It even has a few extra features like Google Chrome doesn’t have including a built-in dark theme, a more powerful ad blocker, you can enable experimental chrome flags.

Such as chrome duplex this places a toolbar at the bottom for better one-handed use or just drop down the entire address bar by enabling an option called bottom toolbar within Kiwis accessibility settings.

Enabling this feature will give you an extra button known as the rich ability button this physically drops the entire page.

So, you don’t have to readjust your hand to just tap a link at the top of the screen.

It uses a new chrome canary feature called edge history swipe. This allows you to switch back and forth between your previously visited websites by just swiping from the edges of the screen and now as if that wasn’t enough.

Easy Way to Apply any for Chrome Extensions on Android.

chrome extension
chrome extension

Kiwi browser supports Chrome extensions here’s how it works the first type in Chrome://extensions in the address bar then within this page enabled developer mode then at the bottom of the page you’ll see a link and Texas’s find extensions in the Kiwi web store.

Enable developer mode
Enable developer mode

Tap on that link and no redirect you to the Chrome Web Store where you can download and install any Chrome extension of your choice.

click to kiwi web stores
click to kiwi web stores

Every extension except for the ones that rely on x86 binary code and for obvious reasons since every extension is supposed to work on desktops only a lot of the extensions you run may not look that great or run properly on your phone.

I was still able to use ad block plus for extreme ad blocking, toolbox for Google Play Store which enhances the Google Play Store web page by adding an APK mirror, Android Police, and Grammarly which is a powerful tool to fix your grammar in any text field granted it was only usable when I enable a desktop site.

Honey to automatically find and apply the coupon code when you shop online, however, zooms to enlarge pictures quickly by long-pressing on them and those were just a few of the ones that I tried and worked fairly well.

There’s a lot more to explore that’s the easiest way to Apply for Any Chrome extensions on Android by the help of Kiwi browser. However, if you want to install Chrome extensions that may not be in the Chrome Web Store there’s a harder method that you can try out.

Harder Method

It involves loading up zip files into your phone storage I’m messing around with the file and a file manager. It’s mostly for someone who’s a little more technical.

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