Before you buy a new smartphone? Check that your phone have!!

p30 and p30 lite

When we buy a smartphone we just go on a store or online platform and buy a new smartphone without checkings anythings or someone says this smartphone is better you should buy this but after some times we face problem regarding all thing like I have discussed some point you should check before buying a smartphone and you should compare your phone with other.

1. Display

First, if we buy any smartphone we look main is a display that which type of display it has which type it has you must see that phone have IPS LCD or AMOLED screen, because of this you can see better image quality in your phone you see better viewing angles with better performance.

After that, you must see in which price you are getting which type of screen compare different type of phone and you must see in your phone it’s screen resolution that it has HD, HD+ or full HD which type you getting in which price. Compare different brands phones.

After that, you must see the protection of display you getting any type or not because your phone must have inbuilt display protection or any type of gorilla glass or dragon tail or any other.

2. Storage

Here we don’t talk about your phone have how much GB or storage but here we talk about your phone have which category or type of storage because much mobile company gives you up to 256gb storage but they don’t talk about the read-write speed of that storage so before buying any mobile you must check.

3. Software update

Software is most important thing of your mobile phone because if your mobile get update so you can get new features for your phone and it feels better every time you see that is new but some company they don’t give any type of update after a year or after some month they don’t provide even a security update then because of that your phone getting slow. And your phone also didn’t get any kind of new features.

Before buying a new phone you must check that company giving you updated or not by checking the older phone of that company.

4. HDR photos

Samsung galaxy A80
Samsung galaxy A80

All phone have HDR modes in its primary camera but here we talk about the secondary means the selfie camera here we don’t get any kind of HDR effect because we didn’t get good results in selfie camera, some company offering you HDR mode in selfie also you must check that also for better selfie if your love to click selfie.

5. Processor

We must see processor of mobile phone because it is very important for your mobile because in you mobile all things run by processor only you must compare in same price different companies, which company give better processor in the same price and with processor also see GPU of mobile, it help for better performance of your phone, it also helps in gaming if your GPU CPU is better your play games in a better way.

6. battery

We must see the battery of the phone because we want better battery life for that we want bigger battery with we also see that how Quickly it charger because in today’s world we don’t have time to charger we are so much busy, so for that many companies provide us a different kinds of fast charging like Dash, Quick, Vooc and many other fast charges. Here we must see the mobile we are buying it must have any fast charging.

7. Brand value or price

Samsung note 10
Samsung note 10

Last but not the least we also see the brand value of and price of that phone because if in low price we get better then that then we must buy that only not the overpriced mobile so we must compare and we see which company is providing how much specifications in how much price and we compare other companies to it and we also see that brand has how much of customer services because when we mobile get damage than we first go to customer services of that brand only.

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