Customization Tip – Remap Volume & Other Keys (NO Root)

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I recently came across this keyboard/button mapped app I use it to remap my volume keys to perform various functions and it can remap your volume keys and other physical connected keys and I thought you guys might find it interesting about it.

Keyboard button

let me go ahead walk you through how this app works so guys first things first this app is under development or that mostly works it can be a little finicky at times though I have tested it out with multiple phones but your mileage might vary so to help others out if you do end up trying it out for yourself just leave a comment with your phone’s model and how it worked for you in the comments below maybe it would help somebody save time anyway.


Once you download and install the keyboard / paddle mapper app you have to enable it under accessibility services and then enable the input service method just follow the prompts that’s all you need to do now hit that plus at the bottom so first I’m gonna set long press volume up click toggle the flashlight so that’s the first thing I’m gonna do here so tapping choose action moving to the other tab, let me scroll down tapping toggle flashlight back.

Keyboard button settings

And now I’m gonna hit record trigger oh this is gonna let me record whatever button I wanna press the volume up is what I want I’m gonna head stop recording trigger next tap on select flags and select long press also vibrate if you want haptic feedback for the action that is if you want a vibrating haptic feedback when the flashlight turns on and off okay and okay now before we’re done see that little redaction before the toggle back flashlight this action requires camera permission depending on what you want to be done if there is any issue it shows up here and it needs to be fixed.

so how do you fix it?

Its quite simple just hit fix allow done hit the tick mark to the top right there you go volume up flash on / off flash on / off done now next let me show you another example I’m gonna have volume down to lock the phone so + choose action other secured lock device now just like the last time record trigger but this time choosing volume down stop recording trigger going into flags long press and vibrate okay and okay again like I said same as last time now hit fix activate to see how to fix changed depending on the action hit the checkmark the volume down and boom the display is off so case this was a little something I found interesting and I kind of found useful and thought I’d share it with you guys.

you can download from here: – Keyboard/Button Mapper

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