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Dashlane app that protects your pass. Identity theft and getting your social media accounts hacked are more than just a possibility in 2019. With the entire world predominantly doing everything on the Internet filled with sensitive data.

Now this data, however, needs to be protected by something secure safe and reliable.

Today we’re talking about Dashlane app. An app and service that will help you never worry about your passwords again.


This is Dashlane app and it’s essentially a very smart password manager. Now it helps you store all your sensitive information including passwords, payment methods, your documents, you’re IDs, very safely.

Protects it with patented security architecture and real-time alerts and also utilizes autofill so you don’t have to remember your password ever again.

How you Trust this App?

The most important thing it has all of this for absolutely free. Now as far as the credibility of the app is concerned because I know you guys are going to be asking me about it in the comments below it has been covered in the New York Times and has been named as editor’s choice and best app in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

So, you can be rest assured of the security concerns one might have now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about the app and how it specifically works and performs.

How we did get the App?

So, once you have downloaded the app by clicking here and you’ve opened it up you’ll have to create a master lock which will essentially be the layer of security before anyone opens the app.

Now once done you can create a free account and you’ll be good to go. Now creating this free account really helps because once done you can log in using the same account on various platforms and still be on the same page and use the app seamlessly whether it’s Windows or on Mac OS.


As far as the app in itself is concerned it’s really well made with an easy to understand and simple UI and user interface.

Now once you swipe left from the main home page you can see the various sections that you can access including the recent activity, Notification Center, the vault, and other Tools.

However, before doing any of this, you will have to import all your passwords into this app by going into your Google Chrome settings and exporting them.

The app guides you for the first time through the entire process so you don’t have to worry about not getting how to do it.

Now once you’re done with that moving on you can also access the settings where you decide what sort of lock you’ll have turn it on and off the autofill settings and all of that jazz.

Now the most important part, however, is the password section of the vault where you have all your passwords carefully kept. Now you can view the passwords from here even copy them and paste them wherever you need to and you can also go to the dashboard view where your password health score is written and you can see how your current passwords are doing.

There’s also an inbuilt VPN or a Virtual Private Network for Safe Browsing. Let’s say you realize your passwords are very weak you can go ahead and visit the password generator to create really difficult Passwords.

Since you will never have to enter or remember them ever again it’s all the more satisfying.

As far as the plans that Dashlane app provides are concerned you can totally use the free version with no hidden costs with lets you have around 50 passwords on one device with security alerts.

Dashlane premium features

dashlane premium
Dashlane Premium

In case something goes wrong and then you have Dashlane premium which is around 200 rupees a month and lets you save unlimited passwords across unlimited devices along with VPN and the other added features.

Keeping in mind that various big companies and firms use such password managers this is a very nominal amount if not affordable compared to one safety online.

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