Does Google Ban Huawei?? Complete Details!!

Huawei P30 lite

Yes, google ban Huawei. So, Huawei Technologies and its affiliates were added to the entity list of people and companies that are considered a national security risk by the US government.

Because of this blacklisting, Google has had to suspend some of its business with Huawei to comply with the changes and this means stopping support and access to the Play Services.

This includes the Play Store, Gmail, Chrome browser, and YouTube. Huawei has been aiming to become at the number one smart brand in the world and they have been growing rapidly.

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Huawei maintains that it is actually independent of the government of China but many have still been very wary that their products could be used for surveillance by the Chinese government.


The suspension from Google means the Huawei devices will no longer receive even security updates for Android. Google has tweeted under their Android Twitter that any existing Huawei devices will still be able to use the Google services that they do have already.

Services like Google Play and play protect will keep functioning on the existing devices so there’s no need to panic if you do have a Huawei device.

Unfortunately, Google Ban Huawei is globally and not just for the US market while we devices have not been easily available in the USA due to having no carrier deals so this would have been much less of an issue if it was the USA only.

So, what’s next while we are still able to use AOSP which is the Android Open Source project but while we have also been working on their own operating system as there were always fears that this could happen.

There are very few details online about their new operating system and how far they are along with that but some are saying it that it may be called Kirin OS.

Devices out there already will probably now lose their update to Android q the SmartWatch is also a modified version of where OS so it’s likely that they’ll stop manufacturing these devices at least temporarily.

There’s been no confirmation if this ban also applies to Huawei sub-brand honor but regardless of that, it’s a devastating blow for the company.

Its many users out there with phones already waiting for release they’re going to have to get to work on their own OS quickly and it’s going to be interesting to see how that turns out.

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