12 Smartphone Gadgets you might not Believe Existed!


Muja Touchpad

First things first this is the muja touchpad and you might be thinking I’ve already got one touch screen on my smartphone why do I need another well it’s not there for the front of your smartphone to install it you just press it into the back of your phone and it’s got about 20 sticky pads that hold it in place and it’s a weird experience because it opens up a world of input that you’ve probably never had before in a way it feels like you’re able to reach through the back of your smartphone to touch the front of your screen.

you can buy: – Muja Touchpad



Next up a product with the slogan say goodbye to Oh No say hello to oh yo because this is the Oh yo and it stops you dropping your

smartphone there are three main parts to this contraption you’ve got these central housing which sticks onto the back of your smartphone using 3m tape it’s got a solid fit and this housing contains the extendable string that connects to a wristband and it’s all elasticated and very flexible so it doesn’t feel like you’re tied down to your phone or you’ve got no range of movement but it does very convincingly protect it from drops it’s also a ring which you can attach instead of the band for a slightly different feel.

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It’s quite tough to concisely describe this next product it’s on one hand, a Bluetooth speaker whilst being a centerpiece for your room and at the same time a collapsible robot there’s a lot going on here but my first impression is just that it’s really high quality and also really heavy the attention to detail is above what I was expecting and to be honest I’ve never seen a speaker that looks like this when you turn the lighting on you’ll realize they’ve packed LEDs into pretty much every corner and crevice they can and the legs

at the bottom they fold in and they fold out as a speaker it sounds good it sounds a lot better than I thought it would give the size of it but then again you are limited by that size larger speakers sound more spacious it’s got a 20 watt power so not the loudest not the most powerful speaker but it’s little visual flourishes that I think sell the product

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Crack light

The crack light is something I instantly fell in love with it, in fact, I put it into my everyday carry bag it is a seriously slim but at the same time seriously powerful LED lamp and it’s continuous lighting so it’s a great thing for photographers and videographers and doesn’t need a battery of its own it just plugs into your phone.

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screen cleaning pad

a new kind of screen cleaning tool or at least one that I’ve never seen before you’ve got this pretty high-quality leatherette finish on one side with a handle for your hand and then a really plush felt like finish on the inside does a really good job and it’s comfortable to use and you can reuse these for quite a long time I imagine before they get dirty.




The Voxos, I think I’m saying that right is a pair of sunglasses with bone conduction technology so on the surface they look like a pretty standard pair of sunglasses albeit slightly thicker but I like the way they look I like the matte black finish on the frames and I like the coloring of the lenses now you might have seen a few audio products already with that burn conduction label the idea being that the sound reaches you through physical contact so at these pads you see where they connect directly to your head and you hear the sound through the bones in your skull which leaves your ears open to hearing other.

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external speaker

I decided that I liked this product pretty early on it is a tiny fairly inexpensive but ultimately massively convenient smartphone speaker it connects directly into the headphone jack which means there’s no dangling around on a cable and also there are zero Wireless pairing issues so providing you’ve got the jack and you’ve got speakers that just need that little bit more on then this should handle that you can expect more bass more detail and a little bit more volume there’s also the surprise benefit of being able to re and all the speaker if you want to face it towards someone else

you can buy:- EXTERNAL SPEAKER


Sennheiser momentum

The Sennheiser momentum crew Wireless have been my go-to earphones for about four weeks now and I’d say I really like them but I don’t love them you get this beautifully designed case really weighty really high-quality and it constantly keeps the earbuds charged and they’re comfortable they noise isolate and they sound fantastic but my only gripe is the finicky buttons see these pads are actually touched controls and the way you adjust volume and play and pause is by tapping them but it feels awkward and all the time it doesn’t work as I’d like it to.



cable hugger

Cheap and cheerful are the words I’d use here these frankly adorable little animals are what I describe as cable huggers you wire your cable through them so that they’re resting over the cable’s neck which is famously prone to breaking say for example on the iPhone cable they’re shaped to fit around your smartphone but you’ve got a bear in mind that if you have a thick bulky case on then it’s gonna cause a bit of an interruption.

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switch 6 mk 2

I was most curious to try a smartphone case that supposedly has six high-quality glass camera lenses built into it that’s crazy talk initial impressions are that it’s really well thought out the lenses are on a rail and they snap into place at each stop so whatever lens you want to use will perfectly line up with your phone’s camera and to be honest considering that the case isn’t really that expensive I can’t complain about the quality of the lenses they’re pretty good you do get some distortion but you can create a lot of effects that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise the macro and the super macro, in particular, are real highlights.

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Glow light

The glow by company Kasper immediately became my new favorite bedside lamp it’s controllable by a smartphone you can set it to slowly get brighter as you wake up in the morning but that’s not the cool but what I really like about it are three things you can flip it to turn it on and turn it off you can rotate it to adjust the brightness and also it’s got a battery internally so if you wanted to pick it up and take it down to grab a snack you can do that.

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for those of you who play a lot of games like PUB G on your smartphone that you’ve probably heard of the smartphone joystick this product right here is one of the best iterations I’ve seen of that for one reason as well as the joystick you’ve got this buckle on the bottom and it’s designed so that you can slip it over almost any size smartphone and tighten that buckle to press the joystick against the screen and this pressure unlike other joysticks I’ve tried gives you some responsiveness it means that the joystick is always directly on the screen and in contact.


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