Google Pixel 4 Display, Price, release date & Spec Leaks!!

google pixel 4

We know that the best of Google Pixel the much-awaited flash your phone has yet to come. Guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am for this year’s flashy phone from Google pixel 4.

Old Google pixels phones

Now one of the main crimes of last year’s pixel phone was its design I love the camera it still to this day the best when it comes to photos just straight out of the box photos Google is the king.

But, they lack heavily when it comes to the video, for example, no 4k 60fps poor 4gb of RAM a bad microphone just annoying little things here and there to ruin the whole experience from all these flaws the main one is the notch is what kept most people from buying this phone.

The New design of Google Pixel 4

Google is now finally stepping up their game we first saw this Google bit in a league that came out a couple of months ago showing a new business design without the bathtub notch front firing speakers and just overall a really good design for this pixel phone compared to the last year’s model.

Google new camera

google pixel 4 back
google pixel 4 back

There were a lot of questions as to where be the front camera some people were saying that Google might use something mechanical like the Oppo or the Oneplus 7.

But, the new league that we have shows what might be the front design of pixel 4 and where those front cameras so outcome to the new bit and image and as you can see the bezels design of the first league is still here.

It’s obviously not quite as special as the current one +7 or even the Galaxy S10 we have thick borders but now the cameras are explained Google is not using a mechanical setup.

Instead we are having a punch hole design similar to the Samsung Galaxy S10 plus currently only Samsung has done a punch hole design on an OLED display with the Galaxy s10 family these are the only phones on the market to have it which makes me think that Samsung could most likely be the one behind the display for the pixel 4.


google pixel punch hole camera
google pixel punch hole camera

They paired the display for the pixel 3xl there’s a possibility that Samsung is the one behind with the Google Pixel 4 front display design as well Samsung is also behind the Oneplus 7 pro display and the upcoming iPhones are also expected to use Samsung OLED displays.

So, Samsung is just completely dominating in the display Department they’re just giving their display to pretty much every competitor the question here is that how well Google will produce its whole design compared to the s10 plus.

How big the signs will be for the whole currently according to these concepts the hole for the pixel might actually be the biggest on any whole design phone that we have on the market.

But still, overall it just looks really good compared to the last year’s design very refreshing pixel for still seems to have the front firing speakers. So, don’t expect it to be super bezels there will be a sacrifice for those dual front speakers.

In my honest opinion I don’t mind it because the design looks much better than the last year’s pixel 3xl as for the bag it’s almost certain that the new pixel four will be getting a wide-angle camera lens something that now almost every smartphone has in 2019.

I can’t wait to see what Google will bring with their wide-angle solution because they still are the best for the photos.

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Inbuilt fingerprint


You can also notice that with this patent League there is no sign for the back finger Ben reader which very well means that the pixel four will be having an in display a fingerprint reader.

Most likely a QUALCOMM 3d sonic sensor similar to the galaxy s10 plus which is currently the best in class as far as the production everything goes compared to the normal optical one and works despite having water or dust it’s pretty good.


google pixel 4 new concept
google pixel 4 new concept

With all this new design I really hope that the price should remain the same as the last year’s pixel models it has to be cheaper compared to Samsung or Apple in order to truly capture the customer’s eye.

If they really nail the design I’d put a bigger battery and add an extra wide angle lens to the pixel 4. Along with the next generation of the night side, I think Google Pixel 4 XL could actually end up being one of the absolute best phones of the year.

Release date

October 2019.


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