Huawei granted temporary US license?

Huawei ban

Huawei granted temporary US license? So, yesterday I shared with you guys the news that Huawei had been banned from dealing with US companies and in turn lost their Android license globally but they’ve now been given a lifeline.

According to Reuters, the US Commerce Department has now provided Huawei with a temporary license to continue trading with USA companies.

This temporary license will allow them to maintain current networks and continue rolling out software updates until August.

This temporary license runs out on the 19th of August and out of this date, the original ban will be set back in place unless a new deal is made.

Now if this ban does come back into place it means Huawei lose their license to Android while they are still able to use the Android Open Source Project this, unfortunately, doesn’t come with Google apps such as the Play Store, Gmail or YouTube.

Huawei P30
Huawei P30

Huawei has been working on their own OS and did issue a statement yesterday to say it they were Thrive to create a sustainable ecosystem for its customers.

According to a report while we also informed its global suppliers six months ago that it was building up a stock of crucial components that would last for up to a year in preparation for any trade bans given as the tensions were riding high.

Huawei has also been working to find new sources that wouldn’t be affected by this USA trade ban. So, great news for current Huawei users and good news for fans of

Mobile’s altogether tensions have been growing between the US and China and they now have an opportunity to resolve it.

This does seem like a bit of a power move from the USA but hopefully, it will encourage some positive talks and allow a deal to be made to allow our way to continue its business with US companies.

On the other hand this could also just be the start and there’s no doubt that the USA is also trying to convince allies that a ban on Huawei is necessary the next 90 days are going to be very crucial to the success and survival of Huawei and I really hope they do manage to resolve this or even find a solution.

They’ve been delivering some great devices into the market and in turn gaining more and more market share each year.

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