Huawei Mate 30 Pro Rumor – Specs, price, and release date!!

Huawei mate 30 pro

Huawei Mate 30 Pro rumour, mate series has always been popular and that was no different with the mate 20 Pro. With the launch of the p30 Pro on the way we’re now receiving that leaks rumours and concept images that show us that this is going to be another successful device.


First of all the design industry sources have revealed it that the mate 30 Pro is going to be equipped with a 6.71 inch AMOLED display.

It said that the display is going to be curved on all four sides and new reports are claiming that it’s going to be a 90 Hertz panel with the dual punch hole camera in the top left of the display.


Kirin 985
Kirin 985

It’s reportedly going to be powered by their 7 nanometer Kirin 985 chipset in Huawei Mate 30 Pro this is set to be manufactured using 7 nanometer UV lithography and bring 20% better performance over the previous Kirin 980.

It’s also going to include the belong 5000 modem to bring 5g connectivity to the device.


There have been rumors suggesting that the device is going to come with five ray cameras in Huawei mate 30 Pro. But, the latest industry sources are now saying four.

huawei mate 30 pro camera
huawei mate 30 pro camera

Well the exact sensors are not known at this time we’re expecting it will include a time-of-flight sensor and no doubt they’re gonna be like her.

It’s going to be capable of five times optical zoom and new renders are suggesting a more rectangular layout along with a semi frosted back. Well these are still concept renders that they look incredible.


It’s said to be powered up by a 4200 milliamp hour battery which does seem a little small considering the size of the device but it’s also going to come up with 55 watt supercharged technology that’s already available on the mate X foldable.

As well as this it will of course include the 10 watt reverse wireless charging.


Huawei mate 30 pro color
Huawei mate 30 pro color

Huawei seem to be pushing their nano memory card so we can expect support for expandable storage and 128 gig storage it will likely be the minimum variant with the rest of the market going so high.

We can also expect something like a 12 gigabyte RAM variant as well as the pro we’re likely to see a standard mate 30 and maybe even a mate 30 light.


When it comes to the pricing not much has been revealed as of yet but the mate 20 pro launched at 899 pounds which is 1150 dollars so we can likely expect around the same if not a little bit higher in Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

Release Date

The launch is expected to be October as usual so it’s gonna be a little while until we find out all the details but the closer we get the more leaks that surface online and I’ll continue to share with you guys as they do.

Well there are currently ongoing issues with Huawei its thought that this model is going to be unaffected and it will of course come with the Google Play services.

As we know future models may run into issues after the ban of Huawei by USA no agreement has been reached yet but qua we are working on their own OS along with many others options so hopefully they do find a good solution.

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