Huawei New Harmony OS OFFICIALLY Announced!!

harmony os

Huawei has just announced its official harmony OS also known as HongMeng you have all those names, but officially going to be called as Hong Mango in China and worldwide it can be called as harmony OS.

Huawei was working on this for ten years.10 years ago while we imagine the future with the seamless operating system, and now happening. Right after the announcement who always send me the official media press kit of the Harmony OS explaining everything. Which is new with the software and what its top features are according to the CEO Richard, Harmony OS is completely different from Android and iOS it is a microkernel-based distributed OS that delivers a smooth and cool experience across all scenarios.

Because of micro-based kernel system, it can be adopted to various different things very easily it also has a secure architecture it’s going to be very easy for developers to develop apps for the software because once they develop the app, they can flexibly deploy them across a different range of devices.

supports all ecosystems
supports all ecosystems

The pressing case further explains that Huawei OS is a lightweight, compact operating system with powerful functionality it’s not only for mobiles it can also work on smartwatches, smart screens, in-vehicle systems, smart speakers, and routers.

I mean this is a whole open source ecosystem which Huawei is implementing, and it’s going to be a tremendous competitor.

But, particularly to Android imagine if Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo they all started to use harmony OS I mean what’s going to happen with Android according to some rumors Chinese brands under BBK have already implementing and testing the harmony OS for their own phones.

So, it could actually be a potential Android replacement OS. Furthermore, there are four distinct technical features of harmony OS mentioned in the press meeting.

Four Distinct Technical Features

seamless across
seamless across

1). The first step is the seamless experience across all the devices because harmony OS can be built for so many different devices. It’s going to be very seamlessly connected.

2). Next one is the smoothness and high performance now we have heard that harmony oil could actually be around 40 to 60 percent fast then Android equals founder once said that there would most likely be faster than Android and even Apple’s Mac OS.

I believe this is why he said that so harmony OS is having something called deterministic latency engine and high-performance inter-process communication.

Basically, this new engine is going to set the execution for tasks as a priority, and it will set time limits in advance in simpler terms it’s going to reduce the response latency of applications by 25.7 percent hence because of that can be smooth and really fast.

As further mentioned that the microkernel could make the performance up to five times more efficient than the existing systems.

deterministic latency
deterministic latency

3). The third main technical feature mentioned is the security so thanks to microkernel architecture harmony OS will come with enhanced security and low latency the microkernel is designed to simplify kernel functions, and it’s going to implement as many system services as possible in the user mode outside the kernel hence adding a mutual security protection it also uses something called formal verification method to reshape its security.

4). And the last but not the least is unified system Huawei Harmony OS  is said to be powered by multi-device IDs that allows app developers to develop applications just one time for harmony OS and they can implement that applies across all the different devices.

The Harmony OS is also using Huawei art compiler which Android can also use in the future is the first static compiler that is much faster compared to what Android currently uses the execution of the commands are much simpler that will improve the power and speed of the OS much more.

Future of Huawei Harmony OS


these were the top four technical features mentioned for the Harmony OS the version 1.0 of the Harmony OS will come later down the year according to the recent news Huawei made 30 light could be the first phone to have harmony OS, and it’s gonna be released specifically in China in the start and from then on Huawei can release the software globally across the world.

If it’s actually that good and that easy for developers to make applications, then it could actually end Android if it really gets to that level.

The amazing thing about all this is that Huawei made the Harmony OS as an open-source project. So, they’re not making this exclusive about their phones only other major brands can adopt this software as well even Google can adapt this if they want to it’s all looking super exciting.

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