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You’ve probably heard of the Huawei P30 and 30 Pro but the companies actually recently announced 3rd phones and the third one right here you get a USB type-c cable you get an 18-watts fast charger as well as a pair of earphones.

So what phone in question? is the Huawei P30 lite it’s a very different kind of proposition to the other two phones in the range but at the same time no less surprising.


Where it gets interesting is pricing you can get this phone for 329 pounds in the UK around 320 dollars in the US and taking a look at the phone’s exterior you’ll struggle to tell the difference with phones that are twice the price.



It uses 3d curved glass but is one of the slimmer lighter phones to do so coming in at 159 grams. which makes it unenjoyable balance of premium and being halfway to a compact phone it’s crafted for one-handed use and I can confirm at least for someone with slightly above average sized hands that it is quite usable even if you’re using the other hand to carry something there’s also been a couple of good choices made when it comes to design you’ve got a sham pad edges on the top and the bottom this flashy peacock blue color scheme which looks different in pretty much every lighting condition as well as a headphone jack.


It’s also one of the cheapest phones in the world with a triple camera setup but how are they managing to do this first of all the light comes with a 24 megapixel front camera it’s incredibly crisp with the right lighting you can also take portrait mode shots like this one here and there’s a lot of stuff to do with augmented reality.

Now onto the back and to start with there’s a 48 megapixel main camera pretty much as high as it gets on any type of phone you can probably imagine then as long as you have good light the detail is phenomenal and the interesting thing about it is that this thing doubles as the zoom camera it uses something called hyper sampling lossless zoom which uses the subtle movements of your hands when you’re taking one of these shots to capture more information about your subject the results do look better than if you were to just take a camera and use straight-up digital zoom.

Huawei P30 lite

You also get an I scene detection on the main and you can probably imagine I was giddy with excitement when I saw that this thing has night mode too it’s a feature that so far has been largely exclusive to flagship phones and let’s see take clear and bright shots and look dark safe to say it works nearly as well as my galaxy s10 plus in low-light.

That second camera is an 8 megapixel ultra wide and has got a 120 degree field of view the same as the p30 pro, so you still able to capture a lot in one frame and this lens still works with video too and then you’ve got a 2 megapixel dedicated depth sensor which assists in portrait mode this should mean better edge detection and more natural background blur.

Operating system

The Huawei P30 lite is running EMUI on the latest version of Android it’s got a couple of cool software features you can set our video instead of just a ringtone when you get called by certain contacts and it comes with a high vision which allows you to translate text in augmented reality and in real time pretty cool.

The whole operation is powered by the mid-range Kirin 710 chip long story short this trades blows with its Snapdragon equivalents in terms of performance which is to say you’ll struggle to make it skip a beat in day-to-day tasks and you shouldn’t really have a problem with most games you find on the Play Store in fact, Android games generally just don’t need the most powerful chip to perform properly.


You’ll be appreciating all this through its 6.15 inch LCD screen which is not a highlight to the phone but it’s not bad and the fact that it takes up nearly 85% of the phone’s front lens it a modern touch.


The phone comes with 4GB of RAM paired with 128GB of expandable storage it supports GPU turbo 2.0 to stabilize gaming frame rates.


it also has a pretty robust battery setup Huawei has paired a 3340mAh cell with the 18 watts fast charging we mentioned earlier it’s enough that it’s not a liability you don’t need to worry about this fern of running out on a normal day the Huawei p30 lite will be available from the 10th of May here in the UK.

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