New 2019 iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Rumors!!

iPhone 11R

iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Rumors I know this one might shock you guys but can you believe a faster processor, yeah I know a faster processor is coming to the 2019 iPhones this is like the coolest thing since the iPhones come out.


colors options of iPhone
New iPhones

iPhone said they are going to be manufactured by TSMC test production started in April mass production I believe is starting later this month and it is going to be called again like it was the a12 Bionic what could it be called this year it’s going to be called the a13 chip parallel in iOS 13.


iPhone battery
iPhone battery

So, we don’t know anything about the concrete you know X percent speed improvements X percent battery life improvements we do know the general batteries are said to be getting large it with the 2019 iPhones.


There is a small snippet about what this processor could enable these phones to do something that was previewed a while back so with the new iPhones in 2019 because you know there are some crazy looking cameras on the back of all of these.

Now you may be able to put someone back into a photo who is cut out now Apple is probably gonna do this not only through machine learning powered by the a13 processor but also through like some live photos functionality where before you actually snap the photo it sort of is aware of what’s going on.

So, if you’re in that cool group photo and then somebody on the very left or right side maybe gets cut out Apple is working to make it so that that person that gets cut out.

Now how they’re gonna do this it’s obviously gonna be very complex we don’t have like the to the G details just yet but if they are able to pull this off there are some very specific case scenarios where yeah somebody gets cut out there out of the photo.

It’s totally sad you know you might cry about it a little bit at the same time it is very situational right. So, like using your iPhone on a daily basis you’re probably not going to find this feature super helpful.

colorways app

The colorways app was planning for the newest our phone in 2019 whether it’s second gen 10R, 10RS, or 11R. It’s going to be coming in two brand new colors and to fit those colors into the standard six color lineup message in 2018.

Two colors are going to wait so blue and coral these two color options are going away as of right now obviously it’s rumored so it could change but to replace these we’re seeing a brand new color we’ve never seen on the iPhone in the iPhone’s history.

Lime Green colour iPhone
Lime Green color iPhone

then sort of a refresh from the lime-green color of the iPhone 5c back from 2013 so here’s your look at it these are my renderings of what I think these colors could look like not gonna be super bright and flashy but definitely going to catch someone’s attention.

Personally, I don’t know if I would love to get any of these colors green I think I could do but purple it’s just not my jam. So, thanks to Apple now I have to buy an iPhone this year that I don’t want.


Next up all the iPhones in 2019 as well are going to be seen antenna upgrades now I don’t know what Apple did between the 10 and the 10s the phones look nearly identical.

I have seen so many threads so many issues so many people having problems with the antennas on iPhone 10’s for me I’d say it’s been about the same as my reception on the 10 but so many people saying yeah my reception on my newest iPhone is worse than my older 2017 iPhone.

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