Lenovo Z6 Pro – 100 Megapixel Smartphone?

lenovo z6 pro

If you really enjoy a good sheet of Lenovo Z6 Pro – 100 Megapixel Smartphone specifications you’re gonna be pretty happy with this Lenovo has just announced may be the most insane looking smartphone. But, something’s a little bit off so last year Lenovo announced their flagship smartphone the Z5.

They created a whole load of fake

Hype to get people excited for it they made it seem like the phone is gonna have a 95% screen to body ratio 4 TB of storage at 45-day battery life.

lenovo 6z pro back
Lenovo 6z pro back

They talked about how it was gonna come with 18 new technologies and well this was what we ended up getting the way they’d gone about teasing the phone they’ve never explicitly lied but they were manipulating the truth.

For example,

The company’s vice president stated that they’d be announcing a product with 4 TB of storage at the phone’s launch event so obviously people are going to take that leap and assume that it is the phone that’s gonna have that feature when actually it was a cloud storage drive that they just released alongside it fast forward another year.

lenovo z6 Pro front
Lenovo z6 Pro front

It kind of seems like the company is doing it again this time with their 2019 flagship the Z6 pro but that doesn’t change the fact that it might well be crazy value for money first things first it’s got the Snapdragon 855 paired with up to 12 GB of ram and 512 GB of storage.

We’ve already seen it supposed and to to benchmark score of wait for it 403077 that would make it a world leader in performance with even a 10% gap over the Xiaomi MI9 it had been pairing that with PC quality liquid calling to sustain that performance and that’s not a small feat and it’s actually only the start of a really impressive spec sheet.

It supports 27 watts fast charging so more powerful than OnePlus Dash charge and pretty close to their new warp charge 30 standards plus a weighty 4000 mAh battery, you’re getting Dolby Atmos audio, the latest Android 9, and an in-display fingerprint Scanner, that supposedly works even with fingers it’s even got a 6.4 inch AMOLED display with support for high contrast HDR10 content.

I like is that it can reverse charge other phones using a physical cable connection which allows she be faster than the current trend of reverse wireless charging and here’s the bit that you weren’t expecting it starts at 430 dollars so for   that price you’re getting the model with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Still having all that other stuff seems like an absolute steal and would pose a massive threat to Xiaomi offering but the whole thing just seems a little bit off to be one of the main things that ware teased is the camera.

It’s e quad-camera setup with a few really interesting perks the main sensor is 48 megapixels it’s got an ultra-wide camera but this time with a 125 degree field of view which is even wider than the s10 123 which in itself is wider than for always this means it cannot just capture even wider shots but can also get closer to subjects it doubles as the super macro camera the third lens is a telephoto and the fourth one it’s something they call the super video camera and it is just there for video enhancements.

Even got a time-of-flight sensor on top of all of that and if you flip it around to the front the 32 megapixels selfie camera it has got everything and so it all seems pretty good so far.

A couple of months ago Lenovo’s vice-president did a presentation which is actually where he announced that this phone was coming and at the same time he talked about how they were working on three things 5g next-generation hyper video and a 100 megapixel plus camera they didn’t give any details on what this hyper video would involve but it sounds exciting and 100 megapixels is over eight times the detail of the galaxy s 10 is 12 so in exactly the same way as happened with the z5 last year.

It’s supposed 4 TB of storage people got really hyped for this phone the VP even sent out a message on Weibo containing both the #z6 Pro and the #100 megapixels. So, like he’s obviously trying to build hype at the same time without promising anything and then he sent a second message showing that the phone could juggle 4G and 5g using two separate SIM cards. anyways, during the launch event, it turns out we’re only gonna be seeing 5g on the discovery edition of this phone to come out at some undisclosed point in the future they literally didn’t even mention anything about  Lenovo Z6 Pro 100 Megapixel Smartphone photos.


The phone does come with this hyper video

They’ve been going on about at least we now do know what that means it’s actually not one thing in particular but it’s the name that the company gives all of its collective camera modes so this super wide-angle mode you’ve got this super macro mode as well as a super night.

This thing can record HDR video it can record portrait video in 4k apparently and this is all impressive stuff but at the same time it’s a little misleading to say that one big thing is coming and then for it to actually just be a whole load of smaller things that already kind of exist one thing of note. They didn’t mention is that the main suppose it 48-megapixel camera this phone has is based on the Samsung Gm1 sensor a weaker sensor that we’ve actually seen in even cheaper phones and it can’t actually capture true 48 megapixel shots without using software to piece things together.

So, let alone Lenovo Z6 Pro 100 Megapixel Smartphone is even 48 is kind of a stretch here but it actually gets stranger Lenovo showed his side by side of their new phone against the equal where Huawei p30 pro taking video in low light and even though qua ways is the best smartphone out there for low-light video and costs twice as much that a Lenovo it seemed to come out on top.

So, either this phone is a complete game-changer for half the price of a flagship or this whole thing is an elaborate misleading setup or Lenovo is about to get a lot of flack all.

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