Why Mid Range Phones are Getting better Than Flagship Phones??

lenovo z6 pro

We all use smartphone ever you are reading this blog mobile some people use desktop. Mid Range Phones are Getting better Then Flagship Phones, most of the time we use a mobile phone and we can say that a mobile phone user is increasing day by day. And phone features are also increasing day by day. Phone company divided its products into two criteria.

  • Midrange mobile phone
  • Flagship Mobile phones

Nowadays we have seen that in the current market. When we go for buy a phone we go for mid-range smartphone not because we don’t effort flagship phone but we don’t need a flagship phone.

For just play some games or doing some work or for a camera or any other work. Time is moving it never stop like that only in midrange phone we see new features day by day even some times it beat flagship phones in terms of featuring a phone.

lenovo 6z pro back
lenovo 6z pro

New Technology comes

If we talk about features then we must know how the phone features are increasing. If we talk about Apple, Samsung 8-10 year back then we all know all the phones are coming. If now we all them then we say that phones are 3rd class if we compare with new technology.

So, all mobile company improving them self for giving us new technology if we talk about screen, camera, battery, performance, and any other features.

Now if we compare flagship phone performance and a mid-range phone performance you see a millisecond of difference sometimes you even can’t see the difference.

If we talk about design then midrange phone you many designs that you may like or you may not. Some phones are giving you back glass or metal back finish or you get polycarbonate back panel.

Even they have used a different kind of material and they slim their phone as they can do.

I don’t like flagship phone because they are not giving you a headphone jack. In every mid-range phone, you get a headphone jack. Even mid-range Phone battery is bigger than any flagship phone. And it gives you more battery life as compared to flagship phones.

realme 3 pro
realme 3 pro

We have seen recently launched Realme 3 pro have snapdragon 710 and Xiaomi note 7 Pro have snapdragon 675. In very good price and there you get all kind of functions that you getting in all flagship phone even I would say you get more than that at a low price.

Comparison of Flagship Phones with Midrange Phones

If we place Realme 3 pro and Samsung S10 side by side and we compare then in terms of performance you may see a difference but only of milliseconds that may, you can ignore you get a better product in low Price.

I m not saying that Realme 3 pro have same specs like Samsung s10 have but I m saying you get minor differences in both. I know in some places you get more features like better Bluetooth 6.0. in terms of the screen you get AMOLED screen or any quad HD+ display you get.

In terms of camera, you get better but how much better max to max 20% you get better.

In the midrange, you get mostly IPS LCD screen but some phone also gives you AMOLED full HD+ screen that works great in the mid-range.

huawei p30 lite design

In flagship phone, we see dual-band even NFC support also but I in the mid-range we get the maximum amount of port we can say. Even you get headphone jack with a dedicated sim slot. Now some phones even giving you type c charger in the mid-range.

Yes, we didn’t get the wireless charging on a mid-range phone. But we don’t use much wireless charging on daily life. Even we didn’t get IP protection in our midrange phones. But even also I say if you know to save money. And know about what usage you have with your phone then you can buy a good phone for you.

I would recommend you go for a midrange phone. Around 18-20k max to max if you are a regular user or if you do normal work. If you are a student or you are doing a job then I must recommend you to buy a midrange phone. because mid-range phones are getting better than flagship phones.

Because for a Milliseconds of speed difference I don’t suggest you buy or invest 50-60k.

How many days do you use that phone?

1 -2year max to max 2year not more than that because after that you feel this phone doesn’t have new technology or new features that new phones are giving. You didn’t get any OS update or security updates.

So, after some time you just throw your buy and now you want a new phone again. Then you again invest 50-60k to buy a new phone. That simply a waste of money.

I would recommend you just go for a mid-range phone around 18-20k max. And if you feel bored with that phone after a year or 2year you sell that phone and buy a new phone.

And get new features phone or latest on the market is available Who has given you more specs in less price. Don’t go higher price because all the new features you get in midrange only.

So, why you invest more money only get 10-20% more features. And the price difference is more than that you get those features.

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