New Motorola razr Foldable Phone!!

motorola razr foldable phone

The other day these photos made their way around the internet. They’ve supposedly leaked photos of the upcoming Motorola Razr foldable phone or Motorola’s like new flip phone.

It kind of confirmed stuff we’ve seen before we’ve seen renders and concept videos of this particular device. but because of the recent Hardware issues that the galaxy fold has shown it made me look at this device more critically, it made me look at this in a completely different light than I did before.

motorola razr foldable phone
motorola Razr foldable phone

Because when I originally saw the first kind of leaks of theĀ Motorola foldable Razr phone. I just thought it was you know it’s another foldable phone.

Now that we know how fragile these folding mechanisms can be it makes me look at this Motorola product with a different kind of interest.

So, last year in the fall there was a blog that showed a Motorola patent for full dos screens and with this particular patent when the device folds up the part of the display that’s closest to the fold will curl up a bit to alleviate some of the pressure on that fold.

motorola razr inside concept
motorola Razr inside the concept

It’s actually pretty cool like on foldable displays you can’t just bend them right in half like a creasing a piece of paper you can’t fold them completely flat there does need to be a bit of a gap.

A few weeks ago,

There’s a demo from sharp where they were showcasing something really similar to this design now this is just a display demo right it’s not a functioning phone it’s not a functioning anything it’s literally just a display panel.

motorola razr foldable design
motorola Razr foldable design

But it is anĀ AMOLED panel and it’s foldable. This display uses a very similar folding mechanism to that Motorola patent. So, in my mind, this kind of mechanism fixes two issues that the Galaxy fold has.

So, for one because of this mechanism, you don’t need to leave a gap in the device or at least not as big of a gap as is present on the Galaxy fold.

The second thing is that I don’t think you need to have a crease in the middle of the display.

So, one of the most noticeable characteristics of the Galaxy fold is that crease right down the middle of the device when it’s open. But on this device because of that curling mechanism, the crease doesn’t seem to be as prominent or at least it doesn’t seem to be in the demonstration.

motorola razr foldable concept
motorola Razr foldable concept

Obviously, we don’t know like what long-term use is like and maybe the demonstration is using a particular type of panel just to hide the crease. It actually looks cool to me how the panel kind of retracts into the casing to create that loop.

So, my initial impressions,

Of this folding mechanism is that it seems slightly more practical than what we see on the Galaxy fold. There’s just less stuff moving around there’s just less stuff that can go wrong.

Obviously, we’re not seeing the internals here but just by nature of how this would work it just seem less fragile but folding mechanisms aside, it is a very different phone from what Huawei and Samsung have to offer.

With the traditional I say traditional but these things are all brand new with the Samsung phone and the Huawei phone you’re taking large phones and opening them up to even larger phones like they’re basically tablets that can fold into large phones that fit into your pocket.

Motorola razr concept
Motorola Razr concept

But with the Motorola Razr Foldable Phone, you have a relatively large display that folds in half to create a more compact experience. But even when it’s open it’s just a different type of user experience.

It gets a one-handed device still unless you put it in landscape mode and then it becomes this ultra-wide display that may not have as many utility but folding phones are definitely coming down the pipe.

I’m curious like where do you guys stand on this would you rather have a phone that opens up big to have a bigger screen experience or a phone that folds in half so it’s a little bit smaller.

Just screw folding phones we want the regular slabs that we have right.


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