The Coolest New Feature of Android Q You Have to Know

new features of android Q

Another year another new Android release and New Feature of Android Q and boy this time ever fly it seems we’ve worked our way all the way down to Q. The 17th letter of the alphabet and the first one that I can’t think of a single digit name.

Now the official name of the new mobile OS from Google will remain a mystery. Regardless of how sweet sounding it ends up being though there should be a boatload of new features to enjoy once it actually starts getting pushed out to our phones.

So, let’s have a look at some of the highlights

Inbuilt screen recorder

3rd party screen recorder
3rd party screen recorder

Grabbing and sharing a screenshot has been easy for years but it’s been a lot trickier to actually record what’s happening on your screen if you need to send a video of something funny or instructional.

Now Apple has supported screen recording natively since IOS 11 but on Android, we’ve had to rely on third-party apps. We’ll know more Android Q will feature a native option to capture your display now it’s unclear whether you might have to go into the developer options to enable it or not but either way it should be a very useful feature.

You can change color

Another very overdue change is the ability to alter accent colors now I personally don’t think there’s anything displeasing about the default blue.

But, Android Q will let you change key UI elements to black, green, and purple, in the beta and there might be more colors on the way.

Icon shape

Icon shape
Icon shape

If you don’t like the new-school circular icons for apps and whatnot you can switch them back to rounded squares or even teardrops if that tickles your fancy.

Desktop mode

You’ve ever wanted to use certain Android services on your desktop because you strongly prefer a keyboard to mash your sausage-like fingers against the little tiny screen Android Q is going to make that a bit easier by providing a desktop mode natively.

So, if you connect your phone to a monitor you’ll get an interface that’s much more mouse and keyboard friendly so you can finally use chat snap without tons of spelling errors or at least without the unintentional ones.

Wi-Fi QR code

wifi QR password
wifi QR password

The most useful feature though will be how android cue lets you share your Wi-Fi connection quickly and easily. I’m sure many of you are familiar with the hassle of having a friend over and they ask for your Wi-Fi password and you don’t Remember.

Because it’s been 18 months since you typed in your own bloody Wi-Fi password and then you got to go find that convoluted string of characters and they can check back well that sucks.

But, Android Q can just display a special QR code that another phone can scan to instantly connect to the same WiFi network no messy passwords required

Improve image quality

3d camera
3D Camera

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t think Wi-Fi passwords are that complicated and your concerns are more with the camera though you might like this one.

Android Q is going to have built-in support for a picture format called dynamic depth. Which will map out what it believes is the proper depth information for whatever the camera sees so that apps can produce more and better bokeh effects as well as even 3D images on supported Hardware.

Switching apps

Finally, if you’re extra exclusive and you have a foldable phone Android Q will provide better native support for these devices including allowing two apps to run side by side when the phone is unfolded with instant switching when you fold it back up.

Battery dry time

battery die time
battery die time

Of course, there are hosts of smaller extras too if you slide down the notification tray you’ll see that the battery indicator will give you an estimated time when your battery will die so you won’t have to just rely on a percentage.

Privacy with location limit access

developer options
developer options

Privacy gets an overhaul with Android Q allowing you to specify exactly when apps can use information instead of constantly sharing data like your location in the background. They’ve added easier access to relevant settings without having to leave the app that you’re using.

So, this is The Coolest New Feature of Android Q, I think you like it.

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