The New Microsoft Edge Equal to Chrome??

New Microsoft Edge Equal to Chrome

Yes, New Microsoft Edge Equal to Chrome the battle of the ages. I’m sure most of you know that Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser out there at the moment, but that has not stopped Microsoft from creating their own browser in-house obviously for Windows in the form of edge.

Now despite all the memes, Microsoft edge is not even really that bad of a browser it’s infinitely better than what internet explorer used to be. However, Microsoft has finally caved and announced recently that they will be redeveloping a new version of Microsoft edge based on the Chromium Browser.

If you’re not aware the Chromium project is actually an open source browser project for the development of the Chromium browser which is not the same as Google Chrome we’ll get to that in a second and the Chromium project was originally started by Google and is actually what Google Chrome is based on.

window insider
window insider

Because it’s open source what that means is that Google and any other community developers around the world can contribute to the Chromium project and therefore the chromium browser to increase its functionality bug fixes all that sort of thing.

So, the chromium browser is separate from Google Chrome you could just go out and download the chromium browser, if you want and installed on Windows or whatever operating system you’re using not the one that’s developed by Google now they are very similar obviously.

Google Chrome because it’s separately developed by Google has some additional features on top of chromium. that are not available in chromium and obviously, if you haven’t figured this out Google Chrome gets its name from chromium so you can think of chromium as like the base version of a browser and then you can build on top of it.

So, because it’s open source any company can come along and build on top of it make their own browser based on this open source software and kind of brand it make it their own add their own features that they want to.

One example,

You may have heard me talk about in the past is the brave browser that is also based on chromium. Now we know that Microsoft is actually going to be changing edge to start developing it based on chromium.

microsoft edge channels
microsoft edge channels

That also means they’re going to be contributing to the chromium project themselves and I should point out that yes the chromium edge browser is available to download right now it’s still in pre-release it doesn’t even have a beta version.

They’re going to be three different channels so you can go on the download website and you’ll have the options for right now the developer or canary version the beta version is coming soon it says and that’ll be an update every six weeks or so that’ll be the most stable of the development versions and then the developer version will be weekly than canary will be daily.

If you’re not aware these are the same channels that are also available for Google Chrome. They have the same beta and developer channels that you can get so, you can get the features right as they come out if you get a like a developer or canary version or if you want something that’s a little more stable but still has newer features then you can go to the Beta Channel.

chrome channels
chrome channels

So, it’s the same idea with AN edge but again there is no stable official version of the edge chromium browser yet. It’s still in development and like I said there’s not even a beta channel yet. Right now what they’re calling this is the Microsoft edge insider browser so if you don’t know windows insider is like the preview versions of Windows.

You can download so the insider edge browser is just like the preview version of the browser so if you do go to download it what’s it like using well not surprisingly it really does seem like a hybrid between the current version of edge and Google Chrome.

When you go to the settings pages they look very similar so yeah most of the same options one of the main differences you’ll notice is that when you go to log into the browser you log in with a Microsoft account instead of a Google account. So, then you’ll be able to store your bookmarks and stuff and sync it with the web that way also interesting but not really surprising is like Google Chrome. Which has the flags menu you now have the same set of flags options in the hidden menu but it’s called edge://Flags.

microsoft flags
microsoft flags

So, that’s pretty neat all in all though I really expect this is probably going to be very similar to Google Chrome. Obviously, but it’ll be interesting to see what kind of features that are exclusive than Microsoft adds on that might not be available in chrome.

You might be wondering what the point of this?

If Microsoft already has its edge browser why would they go through the development of this new one based on chromium and their reasoning is that it will be better for compatibility in several different aspects New Microsoft Edge Equal to Chrome.

First of all, if they do make edge based on chromium that will basically mean that pretty much. Everyone on the web or at least a vast majority will be using a type of chromium based web browser so that I’ll combine Google chrome and then edge and like even brave browser most web browsers will be based on chromium.

So, that will make it a lot easier for web developers to create websites that are compatible with most browsers. because if they make it compatible with one chrome browser it’ll be compatible with pretty much all of them then instead of having to try and make one for chrome one for edge and all that sort of thing.

After this is implemented

No matter what browser you’re using then every website should work correctly if it’s going to work on any of them. Also because Microsoft themselves are going to be starting to contribute to the Chromium project. That means that all chromium based web browsers will be better integrated with Windows and have better compatibility.

Obviously, not this chromium browser isn’t compatible with windows but says, for example, a big bug comes up or something on Windows then because Microsoft developers are going to be a lot more familiar with Windows obviously because they work from Microsoft. They can probably fix things a lot easier than if it was just random developers around the world trying to make compatible with Windows.

Another interesting consequence of this is because chromium is a lot more compatible with many different operating systems and platforms that will then mean that edge will likely be usable on things like Mac OS or Linux or even ARM platforms like on Raspberry Pi.

So, we’ll probably be able to get an edge on whatever operating system you want if you do. One time now one of the biggest benefits that will become of this transition for users at least is all the extensions that will become available for use with an edge because it’s based on chromium.

extensions of mircosoft
Extensions of Mircosoft

You might know that Google chrome obviously has like tens of thousands of extensions you can pretty much get it to do whatever you want however Microsoft edge even though it technically does support extensions there are not that many I think there’s like 235 extensions total on edge so really not that many.

So, with this upcoming chromium based version of edge theoretically, pretty much all the same extensions that were for Chrome or whatever will also work on the edge. Actually, if you do go to the chrome web store on the Microsoft edge new one it’ll actually ask you if you want to allow extensions from the Chrome Web Store to be installed on edge.

You can already pretty much install whatever you want on there. Interestingly Microsoft does have their own page for edge extensions based on chromium but there’s not that many on there so I don’t know what the difference is maybe they just want to maintain their own list of extensions that are guaranteed to be compatible I don’t know if every single one in the Chrome Web Store is compatible.

So, what do that let’s see about that in any case you might be wondering when we are going to see this new version of edge rollout finally. Completely and really it’s hard to say this was first announced back in December of 2018 and at the time they said they’d be developing this over the course of the next year or so so I would not be surprised if it took at least a year maybe like the beginning of 2020.


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