One Plus Concept One Phone: Disappearing Cameras?

One Plus Concept One Phone

One plus is here with a concept phone, so they’re calling this the one plus concept one, and it’s in partnership with McLaren they are not planning to sell this exact phone as it exists here and I don’t have a date for when this tech could end up in a phone potentially.

But, they’re showing it off like this is pretty much classic CES it’s a concept of something fresh and tech that you might not ever sell, but if you do then that would be cool but what better time

to show off something and make a beautiful little wave of the press.

So, the one plus concept one under the hood it’s mostly a One plus 7t Pro, and if you dig around in the settings, it says it’s a different build number in the software and a slightly different model number, but you can see what we’re talking about here.

McLaren themed or color? 

Then with some more McLaren themed stuff going on the papaya orange leather and stitching the gold-colored metal on the rails instead of the usual black. Still, for the main piece, the main

reason why this is a concept is the disappearing and reappearing cameras on the back. It’s pretty cool.

So, all right what is actually happening here so for the glass on the back of the phone one plus has taken the electro-chromatic glass tech that we’ve seen in the Sunroofs of some supercars specifically some MacLaren’s and actually show this in the video of the quirks and features of the McLaren GT.

How does One Plus Concept One Phone: Disappearing Cameras work?

One Plus Concept One Phone Disappearing Cameras
One Plus Concept One Phone Disappearing Cameras

They have taken that tech and shrunk it down into the thinness and the form factor of the glass on the back of the phone, so the way electro-chromatic glassworks is this shade is created when an electric current is passed through it, so there are multiple layers of glass here and getting all that glass over the back to be thin enough to work on a smartphone but still achieve this effect is technically really impressive. It took them they told me 18 months of work already to get it to this point.

So, I can’t imagine easy now if you look closely we’re at the right angles you can still actually kind of see the camera lenses here and there through the glass, so it’s not entirely a hundred percent opaque it’s more like 90 something percent to me it seems.

But, it’s pretty clearly better looking when it’s darker it’s overall sleeker when that shade is closed, and to me it just makes the phone look better it looks cleaner that way and then open up the camera app, and 0.7 seconds later you got yourself a working camera that’s see-through, and it almost makes this like animated looking cross-dissolve sort of effect when the camera app opens, which is neat.

One Plus Concept One Phone Camera
One Plus Concept One Phone Camera

So, I was having my fun opening and closing it, turning it on and off seeing it sort of hiding the camera and reappear. But, a bonus future for my fellow video nerds, it can also act as nd.

So, if you’re outdoors or in a bright environment you can actually go into pro mode in the camera app and up in the corner on the concept one you have this nd button and if you press that the shade will give you three stops of nd from this electro-chromatic glass kind of like sunglasses to your camera as you’ve probably heard it called which can be really useful in video.

If you don’t want to mess with shutter speed to lower your exposure so you can actually see it working here as the ISO goes up and down from 320 to 1250 as I turn it on and off, so it’s definitely really useful now it’s not variable nd or anything crazy like that it’s just basically a yes or no to one level of nd.

But, hey three stops of physical nd built into a camera phone I mean that’s not something we’ve seen before that’s why it’s so impressive that’s something I’d expect from like a red hydrogen one or something like that, but obviously, that didn’t happen so cool to see it here.


So, selling all this in phones right now would be extremely expensive, and that’s my main guess for why this is a concept now and not a feature of a phone that they’re going to sell but that being said it’s something they’re going to continue to work on and hey maybe his phone’s get more and more cameras and get uglier and uglier weird-looking camera bumps.

This becomes something that actually makes a little more sense you know make the phone a little bit thicker flattens out the camera glass on the back, and you can hide precisely how many cameras you have and put as many as you want in there and the design doesn’t have to get any weirder.

So, if you look at it that way it’s kind of this forward-thinking move where if you imagine maybe like a Samsung Galaxy S 15 or you know some phone in the future with like a dozen cameras you never have to see all those ugly circles on the back if you have this electro-chromatic they even just put as many cameras in the smartphone as you want. It’ll always look sleek on the back, so I thought this is fascinating.

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