OnePlus 7 Pro – Images leak see what is in that!!

OnePlus 7 pro

You all are waiting for OnePlus 7, if yes good because I am also waiting for that but here are some leaks regarding OnePlus 7 or we can say OnePlus 7pro let’s find out.

Guys some leaks images are share on internet that you can see above is regarding OnePlus 7 pro as given in image but we all know that OnePlus lunch two phones every year one main model like OnePlus 3, 5, and 6 after that is Lunches there T version or we can say better version of the main model like we get form OnePlus is OnePlus 3T, 5T, and 6T. But in the above picture we can see they talk about OnePlus 7 pro I think that it’s a testing version of original OnePlus 7.

On that picture we can see we get newly snapdragon 855 chipsets with the operating system pie we get along with triple camera setup 48mp of main camera and 16+8 mp of other two cameras we don’t which type of camera they are but they are flagship-grade phone are coming very soon and front camera is pop selfie camera.
When we see display we can see that it’s curved display like Samsung did to there S series phone but here is OnePlus has done more curve glass then Samsung does its display quality is super optic display we can see in pictures of 6.67 inches it can provide you a better images quality.

Now here is we talk about the ram storage we can see 8gb ram and 256gb internal it must be the highest version not that phone here may we get 6gb or 4gb ram variant along with 64gb and 128 GB internal storage, SD card may not be provided because in OnePlus don’t provide SD cards in its last year lunch phones so I think they will not provide in this also, and if we talk about headphone jack then I don’t think they will provide because we don’t get in OnePlus 6T.

You can see the model number start with GM1915 and let’s see what’s more will come in future I will update you regarding this phone and let’s see it’s OnePlus 7 or OnePlus 7 pro or any 5g phone they will give us or not because many websites are saying they can with 5g support but I don’t think so because their technology is not many updates to get 5g update till 2020 so lets see what will happen.


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