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Remember the Google Nexus 5, the Nexus 5 was the last flagship from Google and brought the pure Android experience out of value for money price a lot of other Nexus phones and pixel phones have arrived after that but they’ve all be very pricey and definitely not value for money well the pixel 3a is coming now and that could be the budget pixel we have been waiting.

The affordable pixel finally becoming a reality it’s time to take a closer look at the pixel creates which just might be the perfect pixel.

let’s talk about the fix on three-year so recently this happened yes this is the official Google website which accidentally listed the upcoming pixel 3a Smartphone and thus confirming that the affordable pixel tree is actually real so at the budget pixel previously known as the pixel 3 light is real and like it’s more expensive siblings the pixel key and the pixel 3 Ex.

The pixel 3 a has had a lot of leaves so we pretty much know everything about the pixel 3a and the 3a except so first of all here’s what the pixel 3a and the 3xl look like now these are league renders but with so many leaks this should be the pixel 3 Lite and you know what I like the fact that the 3a and the three XL don’t have the hideous awful not from the pixel 3 XL and honestly that’s great and honestly that’s a relief.

google pixel

I know they have a lot of bezels but they are midranges so I don’t mind a much apart from the large bezels the pixel 3a is a lot like the pixel 3 it has the same two-tone glass back and basically the same design but there’s one thing that I really like about the pixel 3a and that’s this yes every leaks so far shows that the pixel 3 will come with the headphone jack seriously that to me is just awesome I’m just glad that Google is not skipping the headphone jack on a mossy phone like.

This one now coming to the specs of the phones take a look at the specs of the pixel 3a and the pixel 3xl so as you can see the pixel 3a and the 3xl you’ll seem to have decent specs like the flagship pixel 3 and 3 XL the 3a and three XL have OLED displays the same 8 megapixel front camera and the same fantastic 12 megapixels rear camera even the battery size.

The RAM and the storage sizes are similar now obviously what means the 3a a mid-range is the choice of the processor so there’s no top of the line processor instead the pixel 3 is rumored to come with a Snapdragon 670 processor when the pixel 3 XL is said to be coming with either the Snapdragon 730 or the same 670 as a tree so these processors are obviously no match to the Snapdragon 845 and the Snapdragon 855 device and yet the performance on the pixel 3 a would not be flagship play but you know what truly excites me about the pixel 3 when it is the fact that the pixel 3a is bringing things that no other mid-range own hats and that is flagship grade camera performance the pixel software experience and timely Android updates no phone in the $400 price range offers this and that’s where the pixel 3 seems like a great.

let me talk about the cameras first so all the reports rumors speculations the character etc suggests that the pixel create will bring the same flagship great pixel 3 cameras to the mid-range that’s right the same camera performance and the same great features like night side look all the rumors suggest that the 12 megapixel sensor on the 3a and the three XL is the same as the three and it will perform exactly the same.

We all know what that means some mind-blowing good light photos low-light photos ported more photos and amazing readings the demos have also mentioned that the camera app on the fix on 3a isn’t as fast as the camera on the pixel 3 and honestly I’m okay with that as long as I’m getting amazing photos I mean with the pixel 3a we’ll finally have a camera phone a flagship camera.

Phone that is affordable now it’s not just the cameras with the pixel 3 a more people will be able to enjoy the stock Android pixel experience which means some nice pixel exclusive features and updates the day when they are available which is honestly amazing the pixel 3 is said to be coming with Android 9 pie on board.

I’m pretty sure that whenever Android Q stable releases the pixel 3a will be one of the first force to get it and I think that’s great for a mid-range Smartphone honestly it’s something I’ve always wanted on a mid-range Smartphone now all the sounds amazing a budget pixel Smartphone aimed at India that brings the flash of great camera performance from pixel 3.

And has the same software experience the sounds great and that is why the pixel 3 a reminds me of the Nexus 5 the flagship Google Smartphone in 2013 was an amazing Smartphone at around rupees 29 thousand now the pixel create with all his features at the same price point could be a great offering and going to the report Google has been testing the pixel 3A in India.

The import details its value is mentioned at around three hundred dollars now that means around rupees twenty one thousand for a pixel Smartphone sounds truly amazing right when to be honest that’s the import price of the pixel tree even the fix on seeing it does arrive in India.

I’m expecting it to be priced around rupees 25 to the peace 27 thousand and even that price I think the pixel three it can be of great Smartphone I mean the pixel three will obviously not match the raw bar that phones like the poke where for an offer but if the pixel three it does manage to truly bring the pixel experience with the flagship cameras.

Everyone raves about I think will finally have a pixel Smartphone that’ll take the market buy stock this could be the Nexus 5 of 2019 and I’m really hoping it is the pixel three it should be announced at Google i/o which starts on May 7.

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