Samsung Full Screen Hidden Camera Phone!!

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Samsung Full Screen Hidden Camera Phone, Smartphones these days or since the last year has one common goal which is to reduce the bezels as much as possible. There have been many many ways to eliminate the bezels whether it’s a bunch old design or a notch or a sharpen camera or a rising camera they all have some form of sacrifice.

Samsung Full Screen Hidden Camera

This is why Samsung is working on a solution to put an end to this bezel s race. Samsung will achieve the full-screen smartphone design without the help of moving parts and the way they’re going to do it is to put the camera inside the display is similar to the fingerprint scanner.

Samsung hidden camera
Samsung hidden camera

We’ve got a brand new report coming from the company’s vice president of the display R&D group yang boom duck he has confirmed to the Korean media that Samsung is indeed working on a smartphone with a full-on bezel as display and a hidden camera under the actual display.

So, far everything can be hidden under the displays such as the earpiece speaker proximity or luminous sensors, even the finger scanner, these days are inside the display but the main challenge is to get rid of that front camera.

So, you guys might be said that front camera is not that important and companies should get rid of it. I say to all these social media applications they require the front camera it’s actually far more important than you guys realize.

There’s just no way will that Samsung ever skip the front camera on its phone. So instead, they are going for this technology which allows them to make their camera hole invisible.

new infinity display
new infinity display

So, what’s gonna happen is that every time you launch the front camera the display will go completely transparent where the camera is and hence you’ll see the camera working while being under the actual display.

So, all of this will happen without affecting the camera performance by any means. Now there was no actual detail as to what phone or how this functionality will actually happen.

When it Will Come?

It is believed that something like this will happen in about two years of times. So, by earliest maybe with galaxy s12 or something we could expect a first full screen in display camera phone completely hidden inside from Samsung.

In the meantime, they will continue to work on their current hole design and according to ISO universe the hole on the Galaxy Note 10 could be smaller once on the Galaxy stand family and it might be in the middle.

For now, they use a Punch hole camera?

all new camera concept
all new camera concept

Samsung has is hole punch design on the left for the Galaxy 8 Ace, for the s10 family the holes are situated on the right side and with the galaxy note then we could see the holes towards the middle.

This does make sense I mean if they want to make the Galaxy Note series to stand out different compared to other phones they have to adopt a different form of the whole design which is to be in the middle.

Along with this the Galaxy Note 10 to any of the recent Galaxy Note phones that were launched in note 7, the note 8, and note 9.

So, pretty much the curve will be a little bit more aggressive and that means there will be no side bezel at all. I personally do like the edge design of the galaxy s10 I think it’s enough I mean if they do increase the edge.

It will definitely affect apps like Instagram and you are looking at someone’s story things will be a bit more zoomed in.

Let’s see how things will go since Samsung has Instagram mode they might actually do more optimization for the future phone.

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