Samsung Galaxy Fold Officially DELAYED!!

Samsung galaxy fold black screen

Following issues reported on the Samsung Galaxy Fold Officially DELAYED, the release has now been postponed. So, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Samsung’s first foldable smartphone. And, realistically speaking, the first commercial foldable smartphone available. Huge innovation, and lots of people, like me, was very, very excited about this category.

It’s probably the biggest innovation that we’ve seen in the smartphone space, since the first iPhone. And early last week, some reviewers actually got a hold of early units to test out.  And there was lots of praise from the tech community after finally getting their hands on it.

Samsung galaxy fold front
Samsung galaxy fold front

However, we then started hearing about some issues.

Now, there were two main issues. The first was regarding a protective film that was on the Galaxy Fold. Now, on the review units, it wasn’t clear that this was not supposed to be removed. And, some reviewers actually thought this was a screen protector, and tried to take it off, which resulted in the display breaking and not working anymore.

Samsung galaxy fold broken
Samsung galaxy fold broken

Now, the retail units were supposed to have a sign to let you know not to take this off. But, if something does look like a screen protector, chances are people might try to remove it. So, that was the first issue, kind of manageable.

Then, we also had another issue, which was a little bit more concerning, and that was from The Verge. Now, their unit actually started to get a bulge on the crease line. It seemed like some sort of debris was trapped in there. And this was after using the device just for a couple of days, not after long term use. And, this raised a lot of questions.

Samsung galaxy fold bend
Samsung galaxy fold bend

How durable is the Samsung Galaxy Fold going to be?

I mean, there was lots of a question mark already, because we hadn’t seen anything like this before. And, glass does not fold so, the screen was actually based on plastic. So, that would of course not be as durable as glass. And after these early reports of issues, it did start to get a lot of people concerned.

Now, Samsung did release a statement, and they said that they’re going to be investigating these issues. But, the release of the Galaxy Fold will carry on as normal, on the 26th of April. Now, that was last week.

However, just today, we’ve had another update from Samsung.

Samsung galaxy fold back
Samsung galaxy fold back

They have now officially delayed the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. We’re not sure how long this delay is going to be, but, Samsung will be announcing the release date in the coming weeks.

So, what is the cause of the issues?

Well, Samsung has said that initial findings from inspection have shown that they could be associated with the impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge. And, there was also an instance where some sensors found inside the device, affected the display’s performance.

So, if you’re somebody who has pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy Fold. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be getting it on the 26th of April. It could be a few weeks, or more until you actually get it. And one of my thoughts on all of this, well, being a tech enthusiast, I’m still very excited for the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

It’s something that’s new, it’s something fresh, it’s something that I think is going to eventually be the future. And, this is a first generation product. There were a lot of question marks, and thankfully, a lot of these questions have been raised earlier on, before the device has gone out to thousands of people.

In my opinion, this is actually a really good move from Samsung, to prevent a potential recall, after sending out thousands, and thousands of units. At least these issues have been raised earlier on in the day. So, even though the release is postponed, hopefully, these issues can be addressed over the next few weeks.

Then when you do eventually get the retail unit of the Galaxy Fold, these issues would have been fixed. And I want to emphasize that this is a completely new product category, and I respect Samsung for taking the risk here. Of course, it was always going to be a risk because there are so many uncertainties.

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