SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10 – This Is A Game Changer

Samsung note 10

A new report suggests that we’ll get four versions of the Galaxy Note 10 and I’ll be telling you everything you need to know.

the Galaxy Note 10 lunch till August we’re receiving more and more information each week the latest report suggests that Samsung will be continuing with the strategy we saw in the s10 by releasing four different versions of the note this also makes sense considering the different reports we’ve had about varying screen sizes as well as 5g and non 5g variants.

The report from South Korea suggests that the main Galaxy Note 10 will have a huge 6.75 inch display and four cameras on the rim or the smaller variant will have 6.28 inch display with a triple camera on the rear they will be the same apart from two will be LTE only and the other two will support 5g connectivity and in terms of the rest of the specs they’re reportedly going to be the same.


The smaller variant with the triple camera system will most likely be missing the time-of-flight sensor as we’ve seen so far the strategy of releasing more devices has proved successful for both the s10 range along with the 2018 iPhones so it’s a great move from Samsung to try and catch a varied consumer budgets and device preferences something I’d also like to address here is the camera inside the s-pen rumor I’m not sure where this came from but there are a lot of people in the comment section who want this to happen well I have no information on the subject I can assure you that it’s not gonna happen this year in fact, I’m so sure it won’t happen.

S Pen

Samsung generally provide us with a polished device and the camera inside the S Pen just doesn’t fit in with that there will be too many issues like a poor preview on screen due to the limitations of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth along with a reasonable battery source that would of course be required inside the S Pen too the camera and transfer in such a small device after the success of the punch hole camera we’ll be seeing this in the flagships for the next couple of years until the cameras are successfully embedded inside the display.

With the launch of the A80 people are also speculating that they may incorporate this into the note 10 but let’s not forget the A80 is a mid-range device while a great idea in something that has been perceived pretty positively so far I can’t see this going into the note either we have however had various leaks along with info from ice universe suggests that Samsung will be upgrading the size of the main sensor with so much competition from the likes of Huawei this is a great move for Samsung.

There’s no information on what sensor this could be through Samsung, of course, have their own bright gm1 sensor but a lot of devices in the market now are opting for the sony along with the main sensor we’re also expecting a 12 megapixel telephoto and a 16 megapixel wide-angle on the smaller variants with the addition of a time of flight sensor on the larger one with four cameras.

the Galaxy Note 10 renders from phonearena give us a good idea of what the phone will look like but it’s important to point out that these are concept images and not leaks of course we know it will be similar to the s10 in a more note like form the Galaxy Note 10 no doubt has an ultrasonic in display fingerprint scanner given that the rest of the 10th anniversary range have it and the screen will, of course, be protected at by Gorilla Glass 6.

Note 10 Lite

In terms of hardware it’s no doubt going to be using the Snapdragon 855 system on chip in North America and the Exynos 9820 globally however there are rumors of the Exynos 9825, but at this moment we’re not sure Raman storage configurations I’d expect them to be similar to the s10 plus so probably something like 8 or 12 GB of ram with 128, 512 and 1TB storage and it will, of course, come with android 9 pie in the form of ONE UI with the galaxy s 10 5 g model having a 4500 mAh battery.

I would expect a Samsung galaxy note 10 to have somewhere around the same when it comes colors that we’re hoping for another gradient range and the note 10 will of course include the new S Pen well not for everyone the S Pen has proved very popular and one of my favorite things about the note series it’s evolved a lot over the years so it’s going to be exciting to see at what new features the S Pen brings with the brand new Samsung galaxy note10 bringing the S Pen to a smaller display is also a great move is there’s plenty of consumers out there who don’t want a phone with a large display but may still want the S Pen.

It will likely come with a hybrid SIM tray for SIM card and external storage and be ip68 water-resistant but at this stage it’s all mainly speculation and educated estimates based on previous models but it’s still exciting to see images of what we may get the note launch is likely to be in August this year and will no doubt have leaks flooding in there at the time when it comes to pricing I would expect it to be higher than the note 9 which launched at about $1,000 but if we do see camera upgrades then this will no doubt bump that price even higher.

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