Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Live leaks!!!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

What’s up guys is here everything in the live and leaks has led us to this point, which is the live look of the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus yes, you’re looking at the actual real galaxy s20 plus model live leak.

Always remember one thing the actual device still looks better than the leaked renders, and Samsung has done it once again, creating a stunning design upgrade over the previous galaxy astern model, especially from the front of the phone.

It’s got even more minimal bezels a punch hole towards the middle which is much smaller compared to the s10 plus build shaped hole that we have seen last year since this is the S20 plus we have the display come in at six points two inches of course quad HD with 120 Hertz of refresh rate there’s still a curved panel. Still, the edges are not that extreme like we have seen on the made 30 or other phones, not a waterfall display, which is a good thing.

The curve is pretty much similar to the last year’s models now switching over to the back we have the whole glass look of the phone this has been the elephant in the room the talk of the town a lot of people have been concerned about the look some people liked it some people don’t majority don’t but as you can see in real life look it’s pretty good.

I mean, it’s not looking ugly at all; the cameras are not randomly aligned. They are in a particular position of got quad-camera setup on this bad boy with an LED flash and a speaker grill.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus tweet
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus tweet

As for latest leaks, the Galaxy S20 Plus and the S20 won’t be getting the 108 maybe so sensor so this and the Galaxy S20 will be rocking in new 12 megapixels with 1.8-micrometer pixel size which is an upgrade over to the 1.4 that we have seen with the note 10 in the s10 family.

So, apart from this new main two elements of sensor we have an optical zoom setup and ultra-wide-angle lens and a macro lens from the look of this, it seems like the galaxy s20 plus and the galaxy s 20 won’t be rocking the periscope camera system that we’re going to see on the ultra-models, so that is going to be exclusive for the ultra-model 5x optical zoom as well as the 1:08 megapixel sensor.

Now we know why Samsung is calling the S20 ultra. Ultra because that stuff is exclusive to that phone, but still the s 20 plus camera setup is looking incredibly high and honestly for a 6.7-inch screen size device, it’s not looking that big please from this photo.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus front
Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus front

We also have the boot oblique for this phone as well which confirms that the Galaxy S20 name is indeed real this is the S20 + 5 g model of course in the US all the S 20 models will come in 5 G flavors in the markets outside of us you will see both 4G and 5g versions.

Now the galaxy S20 ultra will only be made available in the 5g flavor with S20 and S20 plus you’ll see 4G versions as well now having just 5G doesn’t mean that you can’t buy that phone I mean that can still run 4G so even if you buy the S20 ultra there’s no problem.

So, yeah, this is the full look of the Galaxy S20 Plus Samsung has set another benchmark; they’re raising the bar higher and higher, and honestly, as I said, a real live device always looks better.

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