Should we buy Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2019??

Samsung s9 and s10

Should we buy Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2019? When it comes to smartphones there are a few aspects that age quickly and a few that don’t. You’ve got things like processing power you’ve got things like cameras. They’re improving so fast each year that some mid-range devices can make mincemeat of flagships from just a few years ago but then you’ve got materials the quality of the display and subtler things like how good the vibration motor is.

These aspects that the entire flagship smartphones come out on top versus cheaper newer ones those phones may look just as good on a spec sheet but, they’ll feel nothing alike when you pick them up.


The Samsung Galaxy S9 plus a firm that is recent enough that it still comes out on top in terms of power and cameras. But, is now old enough that you’re getting those premium quality materials for not a huge amount of money but how much.

Get in Low Price

If you’re really keen on getting on brand new you’re looking at somewhere between 450 and $500 but things get really interesting when you start looking at the refurbished options you can get the s9 plus for about $330, the standard Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2019 for about $280, and then if you’re willing to accept one in worse condition as low as $199.


cons of Samsung galaxy s9
Cons of Samsung Galaxy S9

When the s9 plus launched it got good reviews it was a great but unsurprising upgrade with a 4 to 5-star rating across the board. The main complaints were that it’s expensive considering it’s an iterative upgrade they are emojis kind of sucked and I had a software scheme that felt sluggish.

So, fast forward a year and whilst they are Emoji continues to make me look like I should really get some help.

The phones other two weaknesses have been more than just fixed. We’ve had warned you I which is massively boosted performance. You’ll notice it when you’re flicking through your recent apps or changing the modes of the camera.

We’ve got a night mode which is not just a fresh coat of paint but saves battery too and this new material design brings the phone more in line with Google’s own.

one UI
One UI

I was never a fan of the way Samsung’s previous space-age theme looked but one UI has kind of turned that negative to a positive. There have also been subtle upgrades Samsung has tweaked the front camera to allow it to better expose your face and it now lets you like the s10 just the field of view when taking selfies.

They’ve also added in the same scene detection algorithm you get on the newer phones.

Another example of a cool new feature that comes with this Android 9 upgrade is said, for example, you’ve turned off auto rotate because you usually use your phone in portrait. But, then for one particular task, you wanted to use landscape. You now get given this little indicator in the bottom right corner that lets you temporarily switch orientation the point being that compared to the original Samsung experience.

Skin that the phone launched width there is just been a whole load of quality of life improvements.

How The Price of Flagship Grade Phone Fall Down?

how price fall
How to Price Fall

When it comes to flagship smartphone pricing and there are exceptions but this is what tends to happen the phone launches and for at least a month it’s almost impossible to get it below the launch price.

A couple of deals and discounts start coming in you might be able to get 10% off we see the most significant drops though when new phones come out from the same company and so the s9 plus saw one drop when the note 9 came out roughly six months in.

Another when the s10 came out in total one year later after this point once the phone has been effectively replaced whilst it will continue to fall in price the rate at which it falls will be lower.

Alternative Options

Long story short right now is a sweet spot right now this phone makes sense at close to 350 dollars the kinds of phones you could alternatively buy this year.

Samsung galaxy s9 and other budget phones
Samsung Galaxy S9 and other Budget Phones

If you wanted brand new are things like the Huawei P30 light, the red magic Mars or the Xiaomi MI 9SE.

Those are all good phones but you’ll struggle to find devices that have IP 68 water resistance.

Phones that can do wireless charging phones with dual speaker setups. Even just a camera that is this consistently good.

Don’t get me wrong there are reasons why you might want to buy a newer cheaper phone as opposed to a may be used flagship but performance is not one of them a top-end chip from last year is still going to massively outperform any kind of current mid-range chip.

If you’re a gamer then games are still going to run better on this phone than them. The note 9 is similar to the s9 plus but with a noticeably larger battery it’s a better phone all round but the thing is I couldn’t find one for less than about $500.

So, the takeaway is if you can find an amazing deal on it then it is worth going for but from what I’ve seen at the s9 is a consistently better bang for your buck right now at least.

benchmark of Samsung s9 and s10
Benchmark of Samsung S9 and S10

Yeah this article shouldn’t take away from the appeal of the s10 phones either, they are a massive improvement in not just performance or battery but the design you pretty much lose the bezels and you get an even better display.

But very expensive twice the price and so I really for a different type of consumer if you can spring for that I’d recommend it but if you can’t then I’d pay attention to the Samsung galaxy s9 and s9 plus in 2019. If you want to buy click here.

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