The Best SECRET Android Apps of 2019?

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Welcome to my best secret apps of 2019 May hidden gems on the Play Store many of which are pretty unlikely to have heard.

  2. Faster & Safer Internet
  3. Typing Hero Text Expander, Auto-text
  4. Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager
  5. Lock screen
  6. MixV
  7. Cartogram – Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds
  8. QuickLyric
  9. Bouncer – Temporary App Permissions
  10. Unnotification
  11. Charging Theft Alarm



First up we’ve got MORPHIN, where you take a photo of yourself to scroll through a series of gifts and find your favorite and then the app will superimpose your face onto the face of whoever is in that gif and it works a lot better than I was expecting you could become Leonardo DiCaprio or even the next Spider-man. Faster & Safer Internet

one-one-one-one is my favorite kind of application very simple but also solving a very real problem nearly everything you do on the Internet starts with a DNS request this is basically what a voice asking where can I find what is being searched for well want up on this app which is the standard public DNS to a faster and supposedly more secure private DNS with less than that 10,000 downloads.

Typing hero is probably the best embodiment of a hidden gem it allows you to input a keyboard shortcut and then the text that will appear when the shortcut is entered and the best part here is you don’t need to tap anything extra on your keyboard the second you enter all the characters you need the full word appears and even adds a space afterward so you can carry on typing without needing to press.

Typing Hero Text Expander, Auto-text

Typing Hero

that so in front of you is the while we make 20 pro but you might be able to tell the notification bar is stock Android how did I do that well this is due to an application called power shade which replaces your notification bar with something that I think is much cleaner and definitely more customizable you can change the position and color of pretty much every element you can see and add a whole load that you wouldn’t be able to on a stock option.

Typing hero:

Power Shade: Notification Bar Changer & Manager

Power Shade

This one doesn’t need much of an explanation it is an application you can install and it’ll just sit on your home screen and when you tap it will lock your phone it’s, of course useful if your power button is broken but also if you have one of these bulky unwieldy phones kind of allows you to change where you need to press to turn your phone off.

Power Shade:

Lock screen

Lock screen

For those of you who see the Smartphone camera as more of a toy than a tool you can’t go wrong with mix V and the app is basically made because of its filters and these aren’t ordinary kinds of filters these are almost interactive video filters for examples snow or rain.

Lock Screen:



that can be stopped when you put your palms or reflective video that can create kaleidoscope kind of effects with your environment even a fun term mode where it captures a static version of you but then also a version that can move around within the frame.


Cartogram – Map Wallpapers & Backgrounds


cartogram is an app that I’d say has done the rounds a little bit more than some of the others in this list but nonetheless it gives you an artistic visualization of the world map but the ability to pick a whole number of different ways to display it and you can zoom in you can zoom out now you just find a frame you like the look of and capture it and set it as your wallpaper.




Quick lyric pays attention to whatever song is playing from your phone whether that’s through Spotify YouTube premium Sound Cloud or other services and gives you real-time lyrics it also has the option for a pop up kind of like a Facebook chat bubble which you can just click on check the lyrics any one point in time and then minimize.


Bouncer – Temporary App Permissions


Something that a growing number of people have started talking about is how apps like Facebook and Twitter take far more permissions than they actually need and that people avoid they’re constantly monitoring them so this app bouncer essentially revokes all permissions and allows you to grunt them temporarily to an app.

So, when you boot it up for the first time it goes through every single app you’ve got and revokes any permissions any access to your microphone your phone reading your contacts and so on and so forth and when an app needs them in the future it’ll grant the permission temporarily but then stop it when you don’t need it anymore which also saves battery Best SECRET Android Apps of 2019.




unnotification is your 21st century equivalent of time travel it allows you to have a notification, for example someone sends you a text message and then say for example you accidentally swipe it away with one tap recover it and this option to recover you can set a time limit on it I think I’ve set mine into about five seconds and then it just disappears.


Charging Theft Alarm

Charging Theft Alarm

say for example you’re charging your Smartphone in a public place but you know you want to make sure that no one picks it up well this up lets you set a passcode and if someone then unauthorized takes your phone away it’ll blare.

Charging Theft Alarm:

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