smartphone radiation is increasing?

Xiaomi A1 vs galaxy note 8

Your smartphone radiation is increasing and in fact, goes one step further by firing it directly into your head. but how bad is it, pretty much the whole time while your phone is on it is firing electromagnetic waves.

That’s how up phones send signals.

So, small phone radiation is the amount of energy that is absorbed by your body from the electromagnetic waves that your phone is firing.

It’s measured in terms of something called the specific absorption rate or SAR. So, let’s start by taking a look at the current list of the biggest offenders here and there’s definitely a trend.

SAR value of all phone
SAR value of all phone

You can see that Xiaomi and one plus are almost fighting for the top spot with their smartphones having almost consistently high radiation levels.

As we switch to looking at the phones with the lowest levels Samsung, LG, and ZTE seem to be the real winners.

What I was surprised by here is just how much variation there is?

If you compare the Xiaomi A1 right at the top to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The Xiaomi phone has a radiation figure ten times higher.

The US government has actually stated that any phone with a SAR value of less than 1.60 is a safe phone.

Then what does that mean for phones with a level above that?

First of all, it’s worth understanding that as a population our exposure to this kind of smartphone radiation is increasing. It’s mostly because of the global patterns in smartphone usage.

For example,

Signal strength is becoming increasingly intense especially, with the introduction of 5g. You’ve got more people than ever using smartphones and to give you an idea the number of users in the last decade has gone up roughly tenfold.

smartphone users
smartphone users

People are using

Their phones for longer periods of time they’re just becoming more useful tools as well as more immersive entertainment devices.

Because of this, the average user is now spending 24 hours on their phone every single week think about it that’s a whole day.

The other thing is that kids are now getting access to smartphones at younger ages than ever before. There is evidence to suggest that if anyone is at risk it’s going to be young children.

Xiaomi A1 vs galaxy note 8
Xiaomi A1 vs galaxy note 8

When it comes to radiation though there is more to it than it seems this right here is the electromagnetic spectrum. The range of different kinds of waves was exposed to.

You’ve got the higher energy waves on the left and those are considered ionizing. Ionizing radiation is probably what your mind jumps to when you hear the word radiation.

It’s where the energy from the radiation is powerful enough to dislodge electrons from the atoms in your body or put simply to damage your internal maker and has even been shown to directly lead to cancers.

The radiation from smartphones is a combination of radio waves and microwaves. Someone hand yes microwaves are also what is used to cook your food. On the other hand, this is quite far away on our scale from ionizing radiation.

5g is another spanner in the works because 5g waves have much higher energy than 4G waves and that do have some people Worried smartphone radiation is increasing.

On this electromagnetic spectrum, they still lie in that microwave category closer to infrared but not quite there. So, yeah waves are being fired from your smartphone into your skull but at the same time no.

They’re not considered by most people powerful enough to disrupt your body. So, when it comes to SAR values yeah there are phones out there that are above technically speaking the recommended level.

emiting rays
Emiting Rays

In tests that have been done on rats, it wasn’t until they were exposed too many times that amount of radiation before there was even any kind of potentially negative outcomes.

The issue comes through because it’s tough to be sure pretty much every study that’s been done gives evidence to suggest that small phones, not a problem.

But because, of how fast the smartphone landscape is changing because of how many more people are using them and for how much longer because of 5g, it’s almost impossible to design a study that can conclusively say that no amount of smartphone use is problematic.

So, Because of this idea, some of the more conservative parties have taken measures. You can now actually buy physical radiation blockers for your phone.

EMF free air tube earphone
EMF free air tube earphone

You can get steel cages designed to lock it away while you sleep, and even EMF-free air tube earphones which have their speaker unit halfway down the cable. So, it’s away from your head because the speaker and it’s wire will be where most of the radiation comes from.

Some people have actually moved homes to areas that have strict regulations on radio waves. Like the National Radio-quiet zone in the US.

Actually even the radiation authorities in a few European countries have recommended a few things. They say to keep the mobile phone away from your body you see the intensity of radio waves is proportional to the disk from you but squared.

This means that just holding your phone an extra 5 centimeters away from your head when on a call or keeping it in a slightly different pocket will have big implications on the amount of this radiation you’re exposed to.

They also for the same reason recommend using the speakerphone where possible.


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