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Game Space

I have a question for you what’s your favorite user interface stock, oxygen, color OS, EMUI, one UI, and MIUI  let me know in the comments below. So first things first color OS 6 is based off the latest and greatest Android 9 PIE so a few of the new features your I don’t really color OS features they are Android Pie features that Oppo has.


New Notifications Panel

New notification panel this is one of the major visual changes that we have with color OS 6 the individual toggles are now bigger and much easier to read and they have a nice array of contrasting colors which makes it easy to identify what’s on and what’s off you’re either go on love it or hate it I find it easy to use and I kind of like it talking about what I like the slight translucence of the notification shade that allows the wallpaper colors to be true and that’s cosmetic yes but it’s nice.


App Drawer

One of the biggest annoyances with user interfaces from Chinese manufacturers has been the lack of an app drawer and offers now fix that with color OS 6.0, the new app draw choices are great and we can choose between having all apps on the home screen or having an app drawer now just pinch on the home screen settings and change the draw mode now you get the app drawer unlike MIUI implementation this feels more recent since it lets you swipe up and not have you a dedicated apps button now once you swipe up and into the app drawer you can find a row of apps up top Oppo calls it up prediction and it’s part of the extensive AI suite that they’ve baked into color OS 6.


We have the redesigned stock outs almost all apps have gotten a fresh coat of paint, for example, the dialer app has a nice gradient finish on the number pad and we have the material theme going on throughout the app itself others like the calculator messages and radio of also undergone a similar redesign now one thing I didn’t like your exchange of the contacts and recent auction on the dialer from the bottom to the top I thought it was easier to use with color OS 5.2.


New volume bar

We have the new volume bar like with Android Pie by default the volume rockers not control the media volume but as always you have the option to choose between media and ringtone the rest of the functionality remains quite similar but now it has a nice visual flair to it. Yep, another wish will change you so talking about Android PI features at.


We have the pill-shaped home button now that’s an Android Play feature yes but what opus done here is provided as an option to select where the Bakke is you can have it to the left or the right and of course all the regular oppo gesture options return so that’s cool the.


Game Space

Next one its game space is something oppo got right with color OS in the past we’ve noticed it’s added a noticeable smoothness to games like pub G now if game space has a few new options, for example, we can see the estimated battery life the signal strength right from the app itself it’s supposed to even help a reduce network latency not sure if that’s been effective but for what it’s worth it is a feature.


Number 7 on the list is hyper boost Oppo claims hyper booth should help boost launch times of apps and I should not launch must much faster with the color OS 6 now what bother a filament Pro and the real mean 3 that we’ve tested color OS has been quite snappy.


The biggest change with color over 6 that’s got to be the built-in functionality remember back at point number two where I mentioned the predictive apps in the app drawer well it’s not the only place where you see a AI functionality built into color OS 6.

In fact one of the most interesting things that Oppo has done here they’ve built in a system to freeze apps in their running state if they haven’t been used in a while this should theoretically help save battery as the CPU doesn’t have to reload as many apps as before instead it can just unfreeze the apps and have the user continue right where they left off it should like I said theoretically help with battery life and ROM management and overall make for a smoother than usual experience.

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