What Makes The $400 Pixel 3a Unique?

pixel 3a and pixel 3a xl

The $400 Pixel 3a Unique? So, Google finally announced, its pixel 3a and pixel 3a XL phones. These are phones that start at $400 their new mid-tier phones which on paper when you first look at it the reaction might be like these are not particularly impressive phones.

If you look at the market right now in 2019 there are a lot of really competitive phones at that price point for 400 bucks you get stuff like the Redmi note 7 you can get the Poco phone both of those are quite a bit cheaper than 400 bucks. Even the Samsung s10e if you go on eBay right now you can get this thing for like 480 bucks which is not that far away from $400 and if you look at the paper specs of any of these phones they just wipe the floor with the newly announced pixel 3a.

But, this new Google phone is doing something a little bit different. So, Google this time around they made a phone that kept manufacturing costs as low as they could.

So, instead of a metal and glass body it’s using plastic it doesn’t have IP water resistance it’s still probably water resistant to some degree like it’s not going to melt when you use it in the rain but they didn’t spend the money to get that thing officially certified for an IP rating.


  • It has no stereo speakers
  • It has no wireless charging and
  • It also has a very mid processor

So, if you care a lot about specs you probably aren’t interested in this phone because the moment you start looking at the GigaHertz the Gigabytes the Gigaflops the Giga anything the moment you look at those specs this phone is done.

If you live in Asia you’re probably not interested in this phone because a lot of the options out there in that 4 or $500 range are just so much better on paper than the pixel 3a.

The $400 Pixel 3a Unique?

pixel 3a
pixel 3a

It really does have a lot of mediocre features it does have a headphone jack and it does have Google’s super clean software but most importantly the thing that Google is banking on.

It has the famous pixel 3 camera in a $400 phone this is a device that has a killer camera in a relatively inexpensive package.

See in this mid-tier market in that 400 – kind of $550 price point there are a lot of phones that have kind of flagship features in a very nice-looking package often with glass and aluminum and they finish off the package with a camera that’s kind of good – very good.

It still takes very respectable photos but it’s not a camera that’s best-in-class and that type of model where they do that kind of setup with the mid-tier pricing and kind of great features and all that stuff with a mid-tier camera.

That a very common model, a lot of phone companies have done that some companies out there have built their entire business around flagship killing.

They take these really high-end specs and them price it for a mid-tier price point and then they package it with that not so perfect camera.

The pixel 3a does the opposite mid-tier specs simple aesthetics but it’s rocking the best all-around camera or at least arguably the best all-around camera in the smartphone market right now.

It delivers an amazing camera experience for 400 bucks and for some people that’s really the most important thing on their phone like now instead of spending six hundred seven hundred eight hundred dollars to get a top-tier camera on a Smartphone they come has been four hundred dollars.

They don’t care about the specs they don’t care about any of that stuff they just want a really good camera for that money and that’s Google’s idea.

You deliver a phone like this for 400 bucks the problem, however, is that the market is shifting quite rapidly so in January of 2019 when there were first rumors of this device I thought that the price point of around $450 would have cut it as I thought at 450 if Google can sell it for that price they’d be good.

Should you buy pixel 3a?

But, the market has shifted in the six months or so a lot of the flagship phones have come down in price. now I still think that pixel 3a is gonna do really well at least a lot better than the original pixel devices could have done just because the price is just it’s quite attractive.

You do get two or three relatively unique features with this phone you get the great camera obviously you get a headphone jack which is increasingly rare in 2019 and you also get Google’s software like the fact that they update quickly the fact that it’s relatively lightweight it’s a great package in my opinion for a lot of people.

I’m excited about the pixel 3a or not it’s not like something that I want to purchase personally but I think it’s gonna move a lot I think a lot of people enjoy the phone but if you’re interested in buying one I just you got to know what you’re losing and you got to know what you’re gaining for that 400 bucks.

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