100w Xiaomi super charger – full of POWER!!

100w super charger vs 50w vooc charger

The current fastest charging technology is the Oppo super Vooc charge with its 50 watts charging brick, but it’s about to lose that title because Xiaomi just doubled that with its new 100 watts charger.

Over the years charging

Your smartphones have been less time-consuming thanks to fast charging technology pretty much every smartphone these days comes with a fast charger bundled in the box and most smartphones charge from zero to hundred percent in less than two hours except of course the iPhone but we want them to charge even faster and so we were giving a Warp charge from OnePlus, supercharge from Huawei, and the almighty super Vooc charge from Oppo with the crazy 50 watts charger.

100w super charger
100w super charger

We thought that was the limit if you don’t want to damage your battery off course. Oppo 50 watt super Vooc charger can charge a 3700 mAh battery from zero to a hundred percent in under 30 minutes which is crazy fast I wish I had that we thought the only way to charge even faster is with Graphene ball tech.

Well that’s what I thought well Xiaomi just blow my hat’s off with its 100 watts charging solution this charger can charge a 4000 mAh battery from 0 to 100 percent in just 17 minutes but it was demonstrated in a video that was posted on Chinese social networking sites Weibo by the general manager of Xiaomi’s Redmi brand Lu weiBing.

In the video the undisclosed Xiaomi device is seen using the 100 watts charger and beside it is an oppo device using the 50 watts super Vooc charge technology on a 3700 mAh battery device and in just 17 minutes the 4000 mAh Xiaomi device goes from 0 to a 100 percent while the Oppo device with the 3700 mAh goes from 0 to 65% within the same time this shows the 100 watts.

100w super charger vs 50w vooc charger
100w super charger vs 50w vooc charger

The Charger is way faster

Than the 50 watts charger from Oppo but what about the safety of this technology how is your battery going to survive taking in such power well I don’t have the answer to that there isn’t any detail about how the technology works we just have a video showing how fast it is and it’s crazy fast but I believe it’s somewhat similar to what Oppo did.

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